Agata Sosulska


Time is deficit value which is not for sale and cannot be bought so if you want to invest your money please invest for PEOPLE. The foundation of any successful business is a human and his potential

National Business Support Program

Business consultations are chairing by experienced and practiced, business coach Mrs Agata Sosulska. During free of charge business consultations you and your employees will get support in below pointed areas.

Creating An Effective Ad

Building needs and wishes and creating long-lasting customer relationships.

Advantages in ads by using language benefits in sales

Creating a positive image of the company.

Creating the concept of creative advertising materials, such as logotypes, leaflets, catalogs, posters, slogans.

Goals and stages of the sales call.

To reach and to get new customers.

Customer typology.

Building relation.

Sales presentations techniques.

Language of benefits.

Verbal communication, non-verbal Communications.

Rozwój Osobisty
Work Life Balance


Interpersonal communication.



You can use consultation one time and it takes 30 minutes. We can meet via:

Skype: wesewad

Phone: +48 570 042 022

If you are in Szczecin you can visit us in our office localized:

Advance booking is required.