Reklama Szyta Na Miarę


We Sew Ads?

It’s not possible to present a full project in attractive and needed way without prior product knowledge. During our meeting, my team and I will look at the company profile and its strengthens. Everything so that we can offer you exactly what you require.

Kim On Jest ?

We Take

The Measure

Do you have good product/service? The question is: WHO is your target? Finding a proper target group saves you time and more importantly money. If you don’t know where to go it’s better to stand still and not move.


We Are Designing

The Polish market for products and for services is currently full. It is hard to find a niche for entry. So how do you become unique and compete on this market?
WITH IDEAS – consistent, true and brand identifying for the products/services which you sell.
WITH CONCEPTS – DIFFERENT than the others.



Quality Materials

In advertising, there is nothing more important than a simple and clear MESSAGE. Effective advertising makes people remember your name. Besides written, spoken or whispered words you can always rely on our support in areas such as:
full visual identity design: logo creation, promotional material and advert design: banners, brochures, folders, leaflets, photographs, movies and animations.

Oparta Na Dialogu

Communication 360º

The Marketing 360-degree strategy is used for our campaigns together with surrounding our customers by marketing messages in many directions both on and offline.
Our co-operation with partners from related or similar areas builds new relationships with customers by increasing service standards, high quality marketing content, functional and friendly websites, effective communication within social media channels.